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Joe Namath
Title:  Joe Namath
Description:  Namath was perhaps the perfect hero of his time. As the sixties was an era of a youth cultural revolution, Namath, with his long hair and playful persona, embodied it to football. As he publicly lived his signature playboy lifestyle he was an archetype during the sexual revolution. As the divide of the haves and have not's painfully showed themselves in a war on the other side of the globe, he as a child from a poor steel town won symbolic battles on the field. Where the nation was uncertain, he embodied confidence as he declared an underdog third string team would take the Supper Bowl... And did.
He was a guy that came along and broke a lot of the conventions. He was like a rebel with a cause. It was like traveling with a rock star. He just was a magnet. He's attracting people. And mostly young people. And talk about excitement and energy. Wow! says former teammate John Dockery
For Stephen Holland, the leading artist of celebrity and sports, no subject could be a more natural fit to his body of work. In Holland’s most recent limited Edition Joe Namath, he has captured the “grit, toughness and charm of the “True General of the field.
For us at Village Gallery we are thrilled to announce the release of this edition. It has been many years since the last work of Joe Namath by Holland has sold out. This coupled with the now very rare signature of Mr. Namath and the fantastic painting of Holland’s promises a very exciting release.
Edition:  99
Dimensions:  29x41
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