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A Perfect Pair, by Fabio Napoleoni

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Limited Edition Giclée on Paper



Title: A Perfect Pair
Artist: Fabio Napoleoni
Description:   Limited Edition Giclée on Paper.

The original plan was to release this piece the first week of April. The Remarque that was chosen at the time is different than the one you see today. “Minus that virus” featuring Drako and Dragonboy was a sketch I posted on my fan page where Drako has spotted the virus and Dragonboy is going to smash it with a mallet that he has named after Thor’s hammer. I posted this sketch for multiple reasons but mostly to provide some hope and humor to what is a very serious situation.

Instead of doing the traditional painted red heart on the AP I decided on a full colored pencil Dragonboy heart. This choice was inspired by all of the doodles and coloring pages that have been posted on the fan page.

Edition: 99 SN, 33 AP

AP: Printed Remarque along with a Dragonboy Heart individually drawn with colored pencils. There will also be an added smile to Dragonboy’s T-shirt and a small heart on Drako T-shirt as well.

SN: Minus that virus printed Remarque.

Dimensions: 12.75” x 17.75”

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