Abanico de Plumas by Fabian Perez

Title: Abanico de Plumas
Artist: Fabian Perez
Description: When Fabian Perez moved to Italy at 22 his career in painting and writing took off. It was in Italy where he was inspired to write his book “Reflections of a Dream”, which was published later in the United States. He then went to Japan where he lived for one year. While there he painted The Japanese Flag and A Meditating Man which are on display in a government house. Fabian left Japan to come to Los Angeles where he devotes his life to inspire others with his paintings and writings. Abanico de Plumas is a unique piece inspired by memories of the erotic romanticism experienced during the artist’s youth in Argentina. Fabian Perez Prints on Canvas available. Fabian Perez Paintings in Original available upon request.
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