Alegria II

Fabian Perez Paintings

Title: Alegria II
Artist: Fabian Perez
Description: Alegria II a unique piece inspired by memories of the erotic romanticism experienced during the Artist’s youth in Argentina. Fabian’s style is unique. He wishes not to categorize his work, he feels this limits the artist as well as the work. He likes to paint with acrylic because it dries quickly and this allows him to follow his impulses. The bold and symbolic imagery feels intensely passionate. Fabian paints with his emotions and each painting reflects his drive and energy. The paintings become a roadmap, a guide with many directions, where the viewers decide which path they wish to experience. Limited Editions on Canvas Available for Fabian Perez Paintings, Originals available upon request.
Edition: Signed and Numbered Enhanced Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
Dimensions: 27.3″ x 20″
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