Title: Evening Charm
Artist: Robert Finale
Description: One of my fondest memories is of my drive back to Georgia from Louisiana on one family vacation. I recollect the warm breeze flowing through the Spanish moss and into the car window, bringing in the fresh smell of spring flowers. As I gazed out the window, we came across a beautiful southern plantation nestled within an enormous fortress of giant oaks. The welcoming steps beckoned with a dirt path winding its way down to the car. After such a storybook scene, I could not stop thinking about what it would have been like at the turn of the century.

At that point, inspiration took hold as a canvas slowly began to develop within my mind. As the warm breeze continued to blow through the Spanish moss, I quickly found myself caught within my imagination. The sound of excitement could be heard further along the dirt path as carriages pulled towards the plantation. I found myself stuck within a timeless evening with family and friends.

As I awakened from the warm daydream, I found myself still gazing in wonder at the aging home. I can only imagine what stories and memories that breathtaking southern plantation may hold.

Edition: Please inquire for available editions.
Dimensions:  28″ x 42″ / 24″ x 36″ / 18″ x 27″ / 12″ x 18″