Title: First Love
Artist: Michael Godard
Description:   Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas.

First Love is magical, as is this glowing, golden forest. The couple decided to take a romantic bike ride to the perfect place for a picnic. Here in this tiny clearing, life fills the air with butterflies, and a squirrel scurries through the tree branches. As the beautiful strawberry pours their wine, the cork wanders the meadow collecting flowers for the strawberry.

The red bicycle dates back to the 1950’s when innocence was everywhere, and hidden in the oak branches are many hearts shaped by the branches of the majestic trees.

Edition: 250 G Edition 17.5” x 52.5” / 300 SN Edition 24” x 72”

50 AP 24” x 72” with 1-color embellishment
25 GP 24” x 72” with 5-color embellishment