Title: Flocking Around
Artist: Terry Gilecki
Description: In this painting I wanted to convey a little insight into the vast, and intimate concepts inspired by the subject at the center of most of my art. The Koi, having only a relatively short history, has some how managed to earn the respect and recognition nesessary to become a symbol of Strength and Endurance in almost every eastern culture. Where as the Tree, throughout recorded history, and in almost every culture around the globe, is regarded as a symbol of Life, Strenght, Wisdom, and Regeneration, just to name a few. I thought since they shared a similar symbolic respect around the world, it would be interesting to combine them in a painting. By depicting the Koi as colorful birds flying freely among the graphic image of a tree arranged in the stones at the bottom of the pond, I attempt to connect the worlds above and below the waters surface, and the many cultures around the world they have touched. I included the Asian symbol for the tree, simply because the insightful design, so beautifully depicts a deeply rooted and strong tree trunk with wide reaching branches. The symbol also represents Wood in Chinese caligraphy. It is my intention to inspire consideration. that perhaps if we were better able to see the many similarities of cultures and faiths around the world, we would be less different.
Edition: Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas. Tryptic is available.
Dimensions:  40″ x 60″