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Hawaiian Set, by Fabio Napoleoni



Limited Edition on Paper

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Title: Hawaiian Set
Artist: Fabio Napoleoni
Description:   Limited Edition Giclée on Paper.

“These two images were released individually very early in my career (2010 & 2013). Both exclusively to the galleries that displayed my work in Hawaii. January 2020 celebrates 10 years since “Relax and Unwind” was originally released as a Limited Edition print. Over the last 5 years I have been asked numerous times if I planned to re release these images, well here we are but this time around as a set.” – Fabio Napoleoni

Hawaiian Set includes two 14” x 11” prints with matching numbers and one certificate of authenticity. The two works of art in Hawaiian Set are “Somewhere Over My Rainbow” and “Relax and Unwind”. The Artist’s proof has an original doodle drawn on each set. The Signed and Numbered Edition has a printed Remarque.

Edition: 156 SN, 52 AP
Dimensions: 14” x 11”

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