High Noon, by Bob Byerley



Limited Edition on PAPER

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Title: High Noon
Artist: Bob Byerley
Description: I stood and watched her from the station window. She slowly and silently made her way out of the shadows from behind the old sidecar. She waited for just the right moment and then quickly darted across the open clearing between the caboose and engine 3. She crawled up onto the cowcatcher of “Old Number One” and patiently waited for them to come. They had been released from Carson City jail the day before and they were coming today to meet their destiny. They were coming to meet her for the big showdown; the showdown at “High Noon”! She glanced up at the big clock above the depot platform and with the greatest of cool, squinted down the track and waited. “Do not forsake me oh my darlin’.”
She decided to wait until 12:15 and then she was going home for lunch.
Edition: Limited Edition Paper Lithograph.
Dimensions:  30″ x 24″


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