Lake Tahoe Shoreline, Winter, by Thomas Kinkade



Limited Edition on Canvas – SN


Title: Lake Tahoe Shoreline, Winter
Artist: Thomas Kinkade
Description:    Limited Edition on Canvas.

When I took my family to Tahoe recently, I neglected to bring my art supplies. As soon as I caught a breathtaking glimpse of the radiant afternoon light on the sapphire jewel of a lake, I realized what a mistake I’d made. I scoured the town for an art supply store, and bought several tubes of color.

I hurriedly set up my easel on the south shore of the lake and set to work. I didn’t want to lose that luminous light, and I think the passion and urgency with which I worked shows itself in the bold, energetic brushwork that brings Lake Tahoe Shoreline, Winter to life.

© The Thomas Kinkade Estate – All Rights Reserved

Edition: SN
Dimensions: 12” x 16” , 18” x 24”

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