Title: Munster-Tini
Artist: Michael Godard
Description:   Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas.

As a kid, I always looked forward to watching my favorite spooky black and white comedy with Herman, Lily, Grandpa, and the gang. In fact, I loved the Munster’s coach so much, owning a replica of this classic vehicle is still on my bucket list.

This painting is two months of my life, drawing, sketching, and painting on a large scale. The original stands almost as tall as me! “Munster-Tini” is the third AmerICONica painting. I hope it brings you years of pleasure the way the show has for me.

Edition: 250 G Edition 17.5” x 29” / 300 SN Edition 28” x 46.5”

50 AP 28” x 46.5” with 1-color embellishment
25 GP 28” x 46.5” with 5-color embellishment