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Obi-Wan Kenobi™ – The Inquisition, by Brian Rood



Limited Edition on Canvas or Paper


Title: Obi-Wan Kenobi™ – The Inquisition
Artist: Brian Rood
Description: Limited Edition on Canvas or Paper.


Obi-Wan Kenobi™ arrives on Daiyu™, tracking the kidnapped Princess Leia™. Obi-Wan explores all corners of the dark, questionable place for the child, beginning with a con artist preying on vulnerable citizens with claims that he is a Jedi™. Ordered to remove any last vestige of the Jedi, The Inquisitors™ arrive to hunt for the last remaining ones that have gone into hiding, with Obi-Wan Kenobi, specifically, as Reva’s main target.

© Thomas Kinkade Studios, All rights reserved.
© &™ Lucasfilm Ltd., ©Disney

Edition: AP, GP, PP, SN, EE
Dimensions: 12” x 18” / 18” x 27” / 24” x 36”

About the Artist

Brian Rood is a professional illustrator in the entertainment industry, most known for his photo – realistic watercolor and mixed media paintings from the Star Wars™ saga. He has spent the better part of the last two decades working primarily in a galaxy far, far away… His work for the Star Wars franchise can be found on everything from fine art reproductions to illustrated storybooks for Lucasfilm and Disney publishing. He has spent the last seven years creating over 1000 new illustrations for the most extensive storybook retelling of the Star Wars™ trilogies to date. Brian Rood’s original paintings are in private collections worldwide. When he is not busy creating new artwork, he spends time with his wife and two children in Southern Michigan.

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