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Resilient, by Fabio Napoleoni



Limited Edition Paper Giclée in Custom Frames.

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Title: Resilient
Artist: Fabio Napoleoni
Description:   Limited Edition Giclée on Paper.

Endurint Hearts Organization

Just over a year ago Nicole and I were introduced to the Enduring Hearts Organization. Since then we have had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser and several functions held at Vinings Gallery. Enduring hearts raises awareness and funds research for children who have had or are in need of a heart replacement. The prime goal of the organization is to discover a treatment for heart rejection. There is a beautiful story to how this organization found it roots and I encourage you all to visit www.enduringhearts.org.

Edition: 52 AP, 16” x 19” A blue bird or heart with antlers with be drawn in colored pencil. Framed Dimensions 20×24
156 SN, 16” x 19” Printed Remarque of moose and little Blu.

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