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Rootbeer Break at the Butterfield`s


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Title: Rootbeer Break at the Butterfield`s
Artist: Charles Wysocki
Description:   My father always had a love for the beach and the ocean. He once told me that he thought he would have made a great sailor if the painting career did not work out, says the artist’s son Matt Wysocki. Root Bear Break at the Butterfield’s is the companion piece to Cocoa Break at the Copperfield’s. This time the children are taking a break from their summer kite flying fun, with some ice cold root bear inside the beautiful rose-covered cottage by the sea, continues Matt. Did I mention that my father was a certified root beer nut. He craved the frosty sweet taste of root beer since his days as a child when he used to get it on tap at the local soda shoppe. He loved it, when many years later, his fans would bring wonderful designer root beers to share with him at gallery appearances.
Edition: 2500 SN
Dimensions: 13.75″ x 20.75″