Sound Advice, with Special Edition Overwhelmed with Excitement by Fabio Napoleoni


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Framed Limited Edition Canvas. Only ONE Available.

1 in stock


Title: Sound Advice
Artist: Fabio Napoleoni
Description:   Framed Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas.

We all have faced that moment when your heart and mind do not agree and offer two different sets of advice. They are in conflict with one another and it is hard to say what the proper action to take is. Sound Advice is capturing that moment when your heart seems to have provided the right action to take, or at the least the one you wanted to hear.

This piece comes with a free 10” x 12” matching number paper piece, Overwhelmed with Excitement.

Edition: 104 SN  Beautifully Framed
Dimensions: 20” x 16” SN


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