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The Daredevil


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Title: The Daredevil
Artist: Bob Byerley
Description: Wendell Kraft looked out of his barber shop window and said to his customer in the chair, “Bill, look across the street, sitting in front of the hardware store…do you know who that is? I had no idea he was still around! I went to see him as a kid, Bill. That’s Donnie Dunbar. Donnie ‘Daredevil’ Dunbar, World’s Greatest Motorcycle Daredevil. How old do you think he is now? I see the flyers on his truck says he’s appearing August 7th through 9th out at the Fairgrounds. I remember when he was a headliner for the Barnum and Bailey Circus. He’s handing out autographed photos; looks like he can still draw the kids. He was a hero Bill…he was a real hero.”

Limited Edition Canvas

Edition: Please inquire for available editions.
Dimensions:  24″ x 30″