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The Flower Girl


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Title: The Flower Girl
Artist: Bob Byerley
Description: Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas or Paper.

Each year in late September, our town has the special privilege of hosting a traveling troupe of performers who call themselves “The Renaissance Festival Traditions”. Actors, artists and purveyors of 16th century specialties greet their audience with a wide smile and a deep bow. Each member of the troop is dressed in an elaborate costume reflecting the flavor of the Renaissance era; from passing kings, knights, maidens, beggars and court fools you can expect to hear a hearty “huzzah!” or “welcome me Lord”!

Just inside the entrance gate I look forward to seeing once again, one of my favorite attractions, the flower cart girl. This lovely young maiden, with her overflowing push cart of fall flower bouquets always seems to set the stage for a wonderful day in Jolly Old London Town.

Edition: Please inquire for available editions.
Dimensions:  24” x 30”