Title: The Spanish Steps
Artist: Robert Finale
Description: As I wander through the streets of Rome, Italy, I am greeted by a welcoming breeze. I am reminded of where I am as the sun begins to set in the evening sky. Words do not bring justice to the beauty that overtakes my senses as I turn the corner. The first beautiful sensation that I encounter is the vibrant colors of the flowers. As I walk up the first few steps, I notice the flowers dancing in the breeze as bells begin to chime in the distance. As I begin to wonder where I find myself, it dawns on me that these are the Spanish Steps. I marvel at the wonderful architecture and vast array of colors as I arrive at the pinnacle of this magnificent work of art. Hours seem like minutes as I inspect every detail the monument has to offer. I wonder who designed and built such an architectural accomplishment. I suddenly remember how late it is and how worried my wife will be if I do not hurry back. Even as I begin my journey home, I know that this memory will live on. Such a beautiful place is not easily forgotten.
Edition: Embellished Limited Edition Canvas.
Dimensions:  16″ x 20″ / 24″ x 30″ / 30″ x 40″