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Wayne Manor, by Thomas Kinkade Studios



Limited Edition on Canvas or Paper


Title: Wayne Manor
Artist: Thomas Kinkade Studios
Description: Limited Edition on Canvas or Paper.

Located just outside of Gotham City™, Wayne Manor is an epic part of the DC™ Universe as the residence of billionaire Bruce Wayne™ and his ward, Dick Grayson, and The Dark Knight’s hidden headquarters. A secret panel in the Wayne Family Estate leads to the state of-the-art cave where Bruce and Dick’s super hero identities, Batman™ and Robin carry out their mission to protect the citizens of Gotham City.

Thomas Kinkade Studios Wayne Manor captures the excitement of the moment when Batmobile™ emerges from the secret entrance below Wayne Manor responding to the Bat Signal™. Which arch-nemesis is causing Commissioner Gordon to signal for the Dynamic Duo’s assistance? Can Batman and Robin expect to encounter The Joker™, or maybe Ra’s al Ghul?

© Thomas Kinkade Studios. All rights reserved.
BATMAN ™ and all related characters and elements
© & ™ DC Comics. The DC LOGO:™ & © DC Comics (s22)

Edition: AP, GP, PP, SN, EE
Dimensions: 12” x 18” / 18” x 27” / 24” x 36”

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