Fabio Napoleoni Live at Village Gallery

Fabio Napoleoni, the artist known for wearing his heart on his sleeve, is coming soon to Village Gallery. The paintings are as healing for him to make as they are for us to enjoy, which is why meeting Fabio is such a special and heartfelt experience. In person, his down-to-earth presence makes it easy for fans to open up to him, as they relate their own stories to the symbolic artwork.

His style is unmistakable, a repeating cast of cartoonish personalities take the viewer on a whimsical journey through the twists and turns of the artist’s emotional landscapes. The charming “Marcenivo” is the most recognizable, and also happens to be Napoleoni’s avatar. The animated ragdoll navigates choppy seas and moody forests with one button eye and an indomitable will. Loved to the point of falling apart, the worn yet resilient hero sets out to explore issues of unconditional love, familial ties and even loss.

We are excited to present new releases at the show, including “Nothing Better”,  depicting two love-birds sharing an intimate moment, cuddled next to one another on a swing. We would like to emulate those love-birds, forever swinging in time with our loyal soul-mate.

Fabio’s personal life is reflected in his life’s work. When Marcenivo faces adversity against all odds, it gives us the courage to pick up the pieces. In order for a heart to fully open, sometimes it must first break. When Napoleoni’s heart has broken, he has managed to alchemize painful circumstances into art with a childlike innocence that we cannot help but fall in love with and be inspired by. We are touched by the vulnerability of Fabio’s paintbrush as he illustrates for us windows into his soul.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the Fabio Napoleoni in person at Village Gallery, this February the 11th located in the Irvine Spectrum. What better place is there to meditate on matters of the heart before Valentine’s Day? His art has a palpable heartbeat, which is felt and appreciated around the world. When gazing upon this moving collection, we are reminded that it is love that has the power to stitch us back together, and despite obstacles, the world is full of wonder and beauty. fabio napoleoni nothing better