Ashton Howard was born in 1979 and is a self-taught artist residing in southern California, having painted professionally since 2002. Howard’s artistic career and popularity have experienced rapid growth during the last decade.

Introducing an exciting NEW palette for 2015…this unique series is filled with mystery and mood. Tropical landscapes, reef point breaks, and exotic islands are many of his subjects. With the use of oil and acrylic paints on textured canvas, Ashton creates an old-world effect. Impressions of seashells, maps, and subtle symbols are found throughout his compositions to give his work a genuinely unmistakable quality.

His landscapes have a calming effect on most people. He paints “moods,” late evening, early morning, impressions of silence and times of quiet reflection, a feeling of solitude you experience when it is just you and the ocean. “My intention is to create an escape, a resting point for the soul and mind; a breath.”

When words cannot be found to convey thoughts, emotions, dreams, or desires, art relays the message in a poetic and vivid form. Visual art can mentally transport us to a setting of peace and quiet; its abstract shapes with their rough edges, rigid lines, and circular forms, can open our mind’s eye to the curiosity of self-expression.
Howard’s work can be found in some of the most prestigious galleries along California’s coastline and various galleries throughout the United States. Call or visit our local art gallery in Laguna to procure some of Howard’s impressive artwork and other paintings for sale.


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