Sara Hawk is an abstract expressionist and modernist residing in Southern California. She studied Art History and Graphic Design in Austin, Texas. Sara draws inspiration from Pacific Ocean sunsets, the beach, and the love for her son, Dylan and their dog, Asher. Not only do life experiences and visual inspiration give her ideas, music plays a big part in her creations as well. Having been a long time resident of Austin, which is known as “The live music capital of the world,” she draws inspiration from the energy of the city with every genre of music flowing through it.

” My Goal as an artist is to help people view things from a different perspective. To start a conversation while viewing an aesthetically beautiful piece of art. I put my heart and soul into each painting.”

Call or visit our local galleries in Laguna and Irvine for more information about procuring some of Hawk’s energizing art work and other paintings for sale.