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Sue Averell

Sue Averell began experimenting with urban landscape compositions in the early 1980s. She explored many other subjects and techniques over the years but it wasn’t until 1999 that technique and subject came together to make what Sue considers her first successful urban landscape painting.

These urban landscape images offer an interesting visual exploration of the way her paintings have evolved over recent years.

Sue’s exceptional skill as a colorist is illustrated in the progression of color changes that appear as you move through the series of displayed paintings. Sue mixes a variety of color pallets to create a particular color mood and reaction in the viewer.

Visual artist and entrepreneur Sue Averell was born in the US in 1957. She grew up on the sunny beaches of Southern California where she spent much of her time drawing and painting.

In the early 80’s Sue attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and eventually moved to San Francisco in the mid 90’s.

Sue has co-founded 2 artist organizations; ICB Artists Association and Sausalito Artists @ Work. In 2013 she opened Gallery Sausalito in the artistic town of Sausalito California.

“Using the tools of an artist, a palette of color and inspiration gathered from the world around me, I approach my work with the intent to create a narrative. By experimenting with my technique I am challenged to grow as an artist and that growth inspires me to continue creating”, states Averell.

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