Though it sounds intimidating to most of us, collecting art is actually quite enjoyable. There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy the aesthetic appeal of some type of art somehow.  Art, in its various forms, stimulates both the cerebral and emotional sides of our core being as humans and therefore, most people will find one style or another speaks to them in ways that are not always easily explained. Where it is understandable that not everybody is interested in investing in art, for those who are drawn to the idea of collecting, it is actually easier than it initially appears. By following these tips and tricks anyone can start to build their own unique and attractive art collection without spending a fortune:

  • Buy it because you love it. Art is an investment but it is one that should be guided by your heart first. Getting caught up in what the piece is likely to appraise at in a number of years is where collecting becomes much more difficult and much less fun. Add only those pieces that you truly believe you’ll enjoy for years to come.
  • Frequent benefit auctions. You can usually grab unseen artists’ works at a discount as they are donated.
  • Get in friendly with your local art gallery. By browsing a gallery that you love as often as feasible, you’ll enjoy the benefits of familiarity. Attend shows of your favorite artists and get to know them. Get on the mailing list to get an insider’s view of what is happening within the art world.
  • Avoid buying reproductions. Original art pieces is where you’ll most likely see a return on your investment so avoid spending money on posters and heavily reproduced items. If you do, buy only from small editions and get it signed by the artist to increase its value.