local art gallery laguna beach Lucky us. Our favorite art collectors have practically flooded us with their favorite ways of displaying their art collection in and around their homes, adding to the tips that we collected for you last month. Unleash your inner art gallery guide and display your art in a variety of ways to avoid creating a stagnant or boring decor with these tips and the others from our past blog. Use these inventive techniques for hanging and displaying your art and give your home an eclectic and unique look by breaking from the standard:

  • In unexpected places- Adding art to the bathroom or outdoor kitchen and patio can provide aesthetic surprises to any spaces. Fill walls with more than just the expected towel shelves and racks and brighten up a covered patio with bright, colorful pieces.
  • Pop color with white – Stark white walls provide the perfect backdrop on which to allow colorful masterpieces to pop. Propped on white furniture, canvas pieces stand out in vibrant ways. Textured-paintings of various shades of white against a colored wall also has the same effect.
  • Mix old with new – Traditional oil paintings take on a new feel when paired with modern or unusual sculptures or furniture pieces.
  • Forget trying to find wall space – Use the front of shelves to display art, either propped against them on the floor or hung in front of an area of contrasting and complementing pieces such as vintage books or quirky accessories.