local art gallery in Laguna Beach offers Daniel Del Orfano artworksSo you’ve finally been able to obtain that special artwork that you’ve had your eye on. You’ve researched, you’ve budgeted and you’ve pined over that piece that has been calling out to you at the local art gallery, for what seems like eons. But now, at long last, you’ve claimed that treasure as yours.

So, what now?

As art, your newest asset deserves a special place within your home where it can receive the attention it so deserves. Distracting from it with clutter and bad lighting will hardly deliver the aesthetic beauty that caught your eye in the first place. Showcase your art with these tips for displaying art correctly in order to keep enjoying your pieces for years to come:

  • Make it undeniably visible – Choose a wall that is the most visible in your home for the displaying of your most special piece. Mantels continue to be a favorite place for exhibiting art as they are already one of the most visual places in a room.
  • Fit the space- Fill a long, vertical wall with a long, vertical work of art. Mimicking the shape of the wall will help make the room feel larger and draw the eye to your art.
  • Fill the wall – Yes, it’s a large and even imposing space; which is why it deserves a large show of color and artistry. Don’t be afraid to fill that space – we believe that is what walls are for.
  • Consider the light – Move already existing light around, or install new lighting, in order to exhibit your art work in ways that show them off and invite guests into the room to enjoy its aesthetics.
  • Cut the glare – If windows allow for a good amount of light to hit the glass surface of frames, consider either moving the art or invest in non-reflective museum glass.