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Fabian Perez’s wife and artistic muse, Luciana

After an admittedly unconventional childhood, Fabian Perez found himself distraught and depressed after the early deaths, just three years apart, of both of his parents. At 19, Perez was on his own, dealing with the grief of losing both his sources of inspiration and artistic guidance, feeling lost and confused. It is through the study of martial arts that Perez would begin to regain his unique sense of self, teaching karate and living in friend’s homes and martial arts studios to survive. It was there that he met the man who would later become a central figure in his adult life, Japanese karate master Oscar Higa. Following Higa from Rio to Italy, Perez spent the next seven years, painting and teaching martial arts, selling his art to European tourists.

With the goal of becoming a karate master himself, Perez left Italy for Japan where he continued his love for martial arts. While teaching karate, he found himself inspired by the Shodo; an an ancient art discipline and form meant to encourage uninhibited work and artistic expression. Explaining the process of Shodo, Perez explains “one sits on the floor with a sheet of rice paper, a brush and Chinese ink. The artist begins to concentrate and, when he feels ready or the urge strikes, he starts to paint. When a stroke is made on the paper, the artist cannot turn back. If he is unhappy with what he has created, he must start all over. Even when I’m going backward and forward with my colors, the important thing is the determination of each stroke.”

It is this form that helped Perez unleash his formidable artistic talent, which launched his impressive career and which he still uses to this day. Working from his studio in Los Angeles, Perez often finds new inspiration in his wife and mother of his three children, who acts as his subject for many of his romantic and alluring paintings.

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