fabio napoleoni art for sale Artists often find inspiration through traumatic life events. Tapping into the emotional upheaval that life’s issues can create, artists delve deep into a well of feelings to elevate their creativity, sometimes taking their art to levels that they themselves have never experienced. This creative growth is rarely more apparent than it is within the work of Fabio Napoleoni. Though seemingly simple in its approach, Napoleoni’s painting style is both fraught with sorrow and tenderness; unexpectedly touching the soul of the viewer in unexpected and raw ways. Often featuring a charming rag-doll (representing a beloved toy of his daughter), his artwork is often saturated with color that is somehow both brilliant yet haunting. Though his paintings have always represented this type of style, it was not until he suffered the emotional upheaval of having a sick child did his work incorporate the emotion that it had previously lacked. Born with major heart abnormalities, Napoleoni’s second daughter was subject to a number of life-saving surgeries. It was while pacing the halls of the hospitals that he found the emotion that was previously lacking within his paintings.

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