local art gallery Irvine Art as it is, in whatever form, is often said to invoke certain feelings or emotion. It is arguably the basis of all art: to convey a message or to create a sense of sentiment. Whether you’re creating it or buying and enjoying it, the benefits gained by art in all of its forms are many. Where the health benefits of music has begun to be more fully understood, visual art delivers its own set of benefits to collectors and artists alike. The next time you pass up the opportunity to browse your local art gallery, remember that you may just be robbing yourself of the following brain and mental health advantages:

  • A Boost in Creativity – You don’t have to actually be an accomplished artist to enjoy increased creativity through art. Simply buying and enjoying the art process stimulates the areas of the brain that helps imagination to flourish.
  • An Increase in Awareness – By indulging in the nuances of a painting, a sculpture or a well-drafted poem, art helps to bolster your ability to be more observant by taking in more details and being able to pay more attention to your surroundings.
  • A Growth in Problem-Solving Skills – Because there are no wrong answers in the creation of art, problem-solving and critical thinking skills are enhanced when exercising the imagination.
  • A Reduction in Stress Levels – Creating a space filled with art, photography or sculptures that speak to you and your emotions can help reduce stress. Engaging in the creative process of art serves as an even better stress-reduction technique.
  • A Protector of Brain Functions – Art therapy has been proven to increase memory function and cognitive skills in the elderly and with patients that have Alzheimer’s and dementia.