So you’ve taken the plunge and started your own collection, and after much research, hemming and hawing, and hand-wringing, you’ve purchased your first painting from your local art gallery. Now you just have to frame it.

Let the hand-wringing begin yet again.

Actually finding a custom frame for any painting or print doesn’t have to be an exercise in anxiety and frustration. In fact, your art gallery pros in Laguna should be well-versed in custom framing guidelines and will help you choose a frame that will complement, protect and draw attention to your art in the proper ways. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a frame for any art piece:

  • What’s the “feel” of the piece? The frame for a family photograph will be immensely different in style and material than an oil on canvas or a prized autographed baseball. The level of casualness or formality will play a huge role in determining the style of the frame. You never want the frame to be a bigger player, spotlight-wise, than the item within.
  • Where will it be displayed? Is this a piece that you’ll want to enjoy from your desk at the office or will it be hanging in your child’s nursery? Is the existing room decor contemporary and color-filled or will the piece reside in a man-cave-like existence. Consider the room’s overall ambiance and how this piece fits into, or even can change or lighten up that room when deciding on a frame.
  • What is the scale of the painting or object? By choosing the right material, color and style of frame, any piece – regardless of size – can make a huge impact.  Extra wide mat boards, drop bottoms and even easels can change the scale of the art itself.