Title: Avenge-tini
Artist: Michael Godard
Description:   Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas.

The greatest team of olives and strawberries ever assembled. These brave cocktail condiments avenge the bartenders of the world by garnishing the glass of every martini known to the human race, making it a safer place for “olive” us.

Edition: 250 G Edition 17.5” x 22” / 300 SN Edition 28” x 35”

50 AP 28” x 35” with 1-color embellishment
25 GP 28” x 35” with 5-color embellishment

50, 32” x 40” Superhero Edition

Each piece from the superhero edition is hand-highlighted, signed and dedicated by Godard, and an original superhero pencil sketch on 11” x 14” Bristol smooth paper will be included with each purchase.