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Give the Gift of Art


Valentine’s day is a perfect day to get your loved ones that special gift. It’s a once-in-a-year occasion, so why not make it leave a long-lasting feeling? We bet you’re already thinking about flowers, cakes, necklaces, boxes of chocolates, but why not be creative this year? Think outside the box (not the box of chocolates though). Why not something tangible? Why not something that can serve as a souvenir? Why not something that can express emotions too? You’re still not getting it? ART! We’re talking about ART.

Truth is that art is in the form of poetry, music, drawing; but in this context we’re talking about the visual aspect of art (drawings, paintings). Even for someone who has everything, an artwork would make an excellent gift. Taking out the time to make/pick an art piece for your loved one is a wonderful way to show how much that person means to you. Do you still need help on how to express yourself to your loved ones through art? Here are a few ways to express yourself through art gifting

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