Balcony at Buenos Aires V Fabian Perez Paintings

Title: Balcony at Buenos Aires V
Artist: Fabian Perez
Description: Balcony at Buenos Aires V, by artist, painter Fabian Perez is a thought provoking painting, of a beautiful woman, relaxing on a rustic balcony, her clothing positioned in such a way as to evoke feelings of longing and images of eroticism. The artist’s youth was spent in his native Argentina, where his father owned a number of popular night clubs. Much of the artists romantic imagery, comes from memories of his childhood and visions of the past where he tries to capture a more romantic time period. Please inquire for pricing and availability on the original. Fabian Perez Paintings make a beautiful, thought provoking addition to any home.
Dimensions: 13″x16″ / 20″x25″ / 32″x40″ / 36″x48″