Christmas Blessings, by Robert Finale



Unframed 18″ x 24″ Limited Edition Canvas
SN Edition of 25


Title: Christmas Blessings
Artist: Robert Finale
Description: Christmas Blessings are the warmth of the holiday season, a time for cherished moments and wonderful family traditions. Christmas for me brings back some of my fondest memories of my childhood, a time of shared celebrations with loved ones. In this painting I take you back to an earlier time, a peaceful neighborhood at the turn of a new century. I can hear the church bells ring and the sound of the horse and carriages making their way down the icy street. As the snow falls in the distance a beautiful warm neighborhood church welcomes family and friends. These are the moments I cherish most, a special time, a time for Christmas Blessings!

Edition: SN
Dimensions:  18″ x 24″

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