Title: Legends of the West
Artist: Mark Keathley
Description: Legends tend to grow in their telling and I imagine they have changed over time. But one thing remains a constant in the old West of our imaginations – the characters seem larger than life! Whether we hear stories of Doc Holiday or the Lost Dutchman and his mine in Arizona, the characters of the Old West endured terrifying and trying circumstances to make a place in their world. They’re having to grow up at early ages and being asked to do things in life that we can’t even imagine doing, make for great stories we love to hear. My father-in-law tells me stories of his growing up years on a farm, doing man’s work at age 10, plowing behind two mules and more. I could listen to his stories all day because I feel there is a heritage passed down to me and my sons that says – “I can do that!” That is what I want to communicate to you in the telling of this story – Legends of the West. In it a lone cowboy is pictured in front of the sun warmed Superstition Mountains as he is going after an elusive but prized paint horse – all by himself! The statement I am wanting to make is – “Some things are worth the effort – GO FOR IT!” You won’t ever do anything great if you are afraid to try. So go ahead – follow in our western heritage – tackle the big things and you, too, might just become a Legend of the West.
Edition: Please inquire for available editions.
Dimensions:  18″ x 27″ / 24″ x 36″