Lifeway Fabian Perez

Title: Lifeway
Artist: Fabian Perez
Description: Lifeway by famous Argentinean artist, painter Fabian Perez, is an acrylic on canvas. The piece reflects the life of a common working man from Fabian’s youth in Argentina. Lifeway evokes feelings of a simpler time, reflects the hard work of an everyday male Argentinian, and the meditative peace that comes along with his daily struggle to survive at the bottom of his economic class. The calm tones emit a feeling of peace, and one can almost feel the cool breeze of the sea and hard earth under callused souls making the long trek home after a day of hard labor. Fabian Perez artwork is available in enhanced, signed and numbered limited edition giclee. Please inquire for pricing and availability on the original. Fabian Perez Paintings make a beautiful, thought provoking addition to any home.
Edition: Please inquire for available editions.
Dimensions:  28″x20″