Title: Mary Poppins Returns
Artist: Thomas Kinkade Studios
Description:    Limited Edition on Canvas or Paper.

The evening sky is aglow with radiant hues that enhances the colors of the balloons gently carrying the Banks family on the autumn breeze. Even Mr. Dawes, Jr. watches with delight as the family moves in the evening sky. As Mary Poppins slowly moves towards the setting sun, we all must remember to rediscover the joy and wonder of life.

Big Ben can be seen in the background against the stunning sunset, while the street lamps along Cherry Tree Lane glow. The Disney Banks family’s beloved kite rests on the sidewalk. Miss Lark and Willoughby are enjoying a walk. Miss Lark admires the flower vendor’s assortment, while Willoughby longs to join the others who joyfully float with their balloons above. Can you find the jolly penguin performers?

Thomas Kinkade Studios®
© The Thomas Kinkade Estate, All rights reserved.
© Disney

Edition: AP, GP, PP, EE, SN
Dimensions: 12” x 18” / 18” x 27” / 24” x 36” / 28” x 42”