Title: Natures Paradise
Artist: Thomas Kinkade
Description:    Limited Edition on Canvas.  Sold Out one available in Burl Frame
Look at all the details of this painting: curious deer, the canoe representing exploration, the outdoorsman coming, the large lake emptying into the small pond, the stream cascading over the rocks, the double rainbow, the ducks, the Canadian Geese, an airborn rainbow trout making its way up the cascade, 2 pheasants, a family of quail, A hawk soaring above. There are also two hidden animals as well: an owl and squirrel on the tree just to the right of the cabin.

The amazing sense of color and light in this piece is amazing when one dims the lights on it. Thomas Kinkade’s Nature’s Paradise is truly one of his best traditional pieces of all time.

© The Thomas Kinkade Estate – All Rights Reserved

Edition:  SN
Dimensions: 18” x 27”