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Toast to Paris, by Robert Finale



Limited Edition Canvas

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Title: Toast to Paris
Artist: Robert Finale
Description: Limited Edition on Canvas.

It is a rainy evening in Paris; my wife and I decide that it is time to get a table and toast to the blessings which brought us to the majestic city of lights. As the glow of the Eiffel tower lights up the rainy streets surrounding us, we take in the sounds of the various people passing by. Families shop for this and that, couples sharing their first romantic date, and those like us, taking in the sights and enjoying an evening in this breathtaking city. There is nothing quite like the sound of people having the time of their lives. As the evening winds down to an end, the clinging of wine glasses can be heard all through the streets, signifying just where we are and adding that final touch to our amazing night. Here is to a toast to Paris.

Edition: AP, SN
Dimensions:  16” x 12” / 24” x 18”

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