Title: Waiting for Dopey
Artist: James Coleman
Description: Snow White

Hand Embellished Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas.

With his skilled hand, James Coleman transports us to the land of Snow White and her seven new friends in this wonderful work of art. By focusing the sun’s breaking rays through the canopy of trees, Mr. Coleman is able to draw our attention to the dwarfs as they march along a fallen log in what is now one of the most iconic moments in film history. From here, our eyes are allowed to wander over the lush, forest landscape until we ultimately land on Snow White, and watch as she gives Dopey a sweet, nurturing kiss. One does not create a painting like this in an hour, or even a week. Because, to truly create a work of such beauty and grace, takes a lifetime.

Edition: 195 SN
Dimensions:  24” x 18”