Born in a small town in China, Cao Yong started his training in painting when he was only 11 years old. Because his family background was considered politically questionable by the Chinese authorities, the young Cao Yong had to endure unimaginable hardships and humiliations to continue his training. Many years later, upon graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Henan University, he took a position as an assistant professor of Art at the University of Tibet.

During his seven years in Tibet, Cao Yong immersed himself in the spare beauty of the remote and isolated land and embraced the distinctive Tibetan culture. To copy the remains of ancient Tibetan wall paintings, Cao Yong, accompanied only by a horse, a dog, and a gun for hunting, lived alone in primitive mountain caves for nearly one full year.

Cao Yong’s legendary experience in Tibet enabled him to develop a deep understanding of the connection between the natural and the human, as well as between the secular and spiritual. It is this understanding that breathes life into his exquisite images and makes his work both powerful and, in the most classical sense, romantic.

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