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Born in 1949 in Canada, Victor Ostrovsky moved to Israel with his family at age five. His inclination for the arts was apparent from a very early age. The well known Israeli painter, Gilady, lived on the same street and often set up his easel outdoors to paint. Victor would watch, spellbound, on his way to and from school as Gilady created beautiful images on the blank canvas. Eventually, the artist presented Victor with his box of oil paints and took the time to guide him into a world where expressions come through images and color, handing the child a gift that would soon become a passion.

Victor entered the military at the age of eighteen and became the youngest officer in the Israeli Defense Force. Victor rose to the rank of a lieutenant commander in the Israeli Navy and served as head of the weapon testing program when he was recruited by Israel’s elite intelligence agency, the Mossad. After two and a half years of training in the Mossad, victor became a katsa (case officer.) after serving in the field and becoming aware of the activities of elements within the agency that had more to do with self-preservation than the good of the country he left the service. After five years of trying to inform the powers to be with little success, he wrote an exposé “By Way Of Deception” that shook the agency’s foundations and is said to have brought about change. Victor has written two more books since A nonfiction “The Other Side Of Deception” and fictional spy novel “Lion Of Judah.”

Today, Victor’s insight and knowledge of the intelligence community facilitates his writing of fictional novels and screenplays and serves as a basis for his enigmatic and cryptic paintings. His canvases offer tantalizing images, evoking a mystical and other-worldly reaction from viewers. Hats, gloves, scarves, and umbrellas hide his mysterious figures’ identities, provoking and teasing our imaginations with visual portrayals of adventure and intrigue. The activities of his figures and the titles of the work reflect the enterprise and language of the international intelligence community, bringing several layers of meaning to his paintings while creating stories for the viewer.


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