James Coleman is a name synonymous with sweeping skies, tropical rain forests, rich deep woods, and silent deserts. The images created by this talented man continue to delight all who view them. Even during his adolescent years, his creativity was continually being illustrated to the world. James Coleman was born in 1949 in Hollywood, California. Though he lacked his young friends’ athletic skills, he more than made up for it with imagination and ingenuity. As a young man, his interest in film making and fine art would be the genesis for a long, successful career in animated films.

In 1969 Coleman found his creative energies welcomed by Walt Disney Productions. As an animation background designer, Coleman styled and worked on nine feature films and over 30 short subjects. Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast came to life with James Coleman’s background images gracing the silver screen. Twenty-two years with Disney found him ready to develop his time and talent to the love of his life, fine art.

Today he continues to illuminate the art world with vibrant colors, gentle moods, robust design, and exquisite detail. Coleman utilizes oil, watercolor, gauche, and pastel into his paintings. Doing this creates a luminous effect that is often aesthetically pleasing and encapsulates viewers into a heartwarming world. Coleman began doing paintings of the islands in the early 1980s.

“Originally, Hawaii was an escape for me, a place to recharge my batteries and enjoy the peace and tranquility of heaven on earth. The land, its history, and its people were my secret to serenity and relaxation. Soon my love for these beautiful islands and its people began to translate into my paintings. My desire has been to connect those who view my work with the past, present, and future of the Hawaiian experience.”

Coleman’s tropical pieces are a fresh and unique personal view of Hawaii. In recent years, Coleman became regarded as a master of color, light, and design. He is now renowned as one of the most sought-after artists around the world. His pieces can be found in many fine, personal, and corporate art collections. He is a naturalist and environmentalist who involves himself with the National Parks and other natural protection organizations. He has been a finalist for five years in the Arts for the Parks competition.

The contribution made by Coleman to the world of art over the last 26 years, both in film and fine art, makes him one of the most collected artists in contemporary art. His work is represented by some of the most prominent and respected galleries in North America, the Orient, and the Hawaiian Islands.


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