Ms. Romley is 81 years old and currently based in Spain. She was trained at The Eěcole Nationale Supeěrieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA), a distinguished National School of Fine Arts in Paris, France. The artist won several noted awards for her art in her native Spain, and in Paris, France. She worked as an artist and also had a career in advertising, illustration and interior design, in Spain, France and New York. As an artist, she has had solo and group exhibitions first Paris, France, Monaco, Japan, Spain and the US. ETCHINGS Cuca Romley’s etchings of both famous and little places around the world are depicted with a remarkable attention to detail, a style that belies her sophisticated sense of line and color. These etchings capture a bygone era of a city in flux, and a snap shot of a classic image of a place. Each plate is etched with patience and a thoroughness reminiscence of the earlier days of engraving, in exquisite and fine detail. Romley creates her intricate design on the etching ground that covers the copper plate. After the acid has etched the lines into the copper plate she engraves the details into the plate with a buril until the image is completed. For each individual print a master printer must ink the plate and wipe the surface clean. The plate is placed on the bed of the press and the previously wet French Arches paper 100% cotton covering the plate to pass through the press, and that completes the printing process. After the printing ink has dried for a couple of days, the etching is ready for the hand coloring by the artist. There are often more than 30 colors in one of Romley’s images. Each print can take up to 6 hours to color; these colors impart a subtle transparent effect that compliments the delicacy of the line. Every etching in the limited edition is then signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. Edn of 175. Image size specified. Exhibition (selection) 1933 Born in Madrid, SPAIN 1952-55 Fashion Illustrator, SPAIN Prize – Galerias Preciado , Sindicato Nacional Textil, Madrid, SPAIN 2nd Prize – Salon Nacional de Dibujos de Alta Costura, Madrid, SPAIN 1957-60 Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, FRANCE 1961-68 Career in advertising, illustration and interior design, Paris, FRANCE 1962 Exhibition at Galerie Charbonel, Monte-Carlo, MONACO 1957 – 1967 This was a period of many exhibitions in Paris galleries, FRANCE 1967 First Prize – Salon de L’Union des Femmes Peintres, Paris, FRANCE 1971 – 2010 This period documents a move to New York City for work and art. The artist made New York City home, and has had numerous group and solo exhibitions in New York, California during this fruitful period, including several shows at JP Morgan Chase, and New York Institute of Technology.


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