art galleries Laguna Unless you are actively looking to make your home or office resemble an art gallery, the traditional ways of framing and displaying art can get a little mundane after awhile. To give your wall art a unique and personal touch that surprises both you and visitors and gives new life to even your oldest pieces, try breaking free from the standard with these inventive techniques:

  • Propped, rather than hung. Framed paintings can take on a new life when placed on a shelf, a sideboard table or even on the floor. Avoid having it look as if you forgot to hang it by placing books and decorative accessories next to it, creating visual interest.
  • The addition of other media. One or two paintings on a solid wall can become very bland in just a short amount of time if nothing else gives it life. Adding texture and depth, 3-D objects and a variety of materials adds fun and interest where it was lacking before. Don’t be afraid to vamp up your art.
  • Go vertical. Rather than attempting to fill a narrow wall with one large tall piece, hang various sizes of art from floor to ceiling.
  • Round the corners. Don’t let the end of the wall stop you from continuing with your display. Hang your art side by side in one long line, taking it around the corner for about two feet or until you meet a window or door.
  • Art on shelves. Fill two long shelves with differing sizes of art, letting them overlap, separation be damned. Accentuate the look with small tchotchkes and round off the look.

In what clever way did you find to display your favorite artwork? Let us know, we would love to hear your ideas to hopefully include in a future blog.